Constitutional & Administrative Law

Hilaire Barnett

Constitutional & Administrative Law

  • Издательство: Routledge

  • Язык: английский

  • Вес: 2 кг

  • Тираж: 300

  • ISBN: 9781138208797

  • Переплет: мягкий

  • Год издания: 2017

  • Количество страниц: 850

  • Автор: Hilaire Barnett

  • Формат: 170х260 мм

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Hilaire Barnett’s Constitutional & Administrative Law has provided generations of students with reliable, accessible and comprehensive coverage of the Public Law syllabus. Mapped to the common course outline, it equips students with an understanding of the constitution’s past, present and future by analysing and illustrating the political and socio-historical contexts which have shaped the major legal rules and principles of public law, as well as on-going constitutional reform. The twelfth edition will address key recent developments including: • The referendum result on the UK’s membership of the EU and its ongoing impact on constitutional and administrative law • Terrorism and national security Future developments, particularly in relation to ‘Brexit’ will be discussed in regular updates to the companion website. Hilaire Barnett. BA, LLM was formerly Senior Lecturer in Law at Queen Mary, University of London.

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